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12 Volt Car & Truck Heaters, Portable Car Heaters

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12 Volt Car & Truck Heaters

One of the most important qualities to look for before you buy a heater is energy efficiency. Whether you buy a room heater, space heater, indoor/outdoor heater, portable heater or industrial heater, you will want to check the energy efficiency of the heater. The more efficient the heater is, the cheaper it will be to operate and heat your house.

Electric oil heaters are heaters that use both electricity and oil to heat up a room. Electric oil heaters offer the efficiency of electric heaters and the safety of oil heaters. Most electric oil heaters are radiating and come with a thermostat.

Propane heaters come in many types, styles, shapes and sizes and are made by many different heater manufacturers. All propane heaters run on propane and heat rooms by converting propane to heat. The efficiency of propane heaters is directly related to the price of propane.

Compare energy efficient heaters at Heaters365.com. We have energy efficient heater ratings, energy efficient reviews, energy efficient heater brands, energy efficient heater prices and energy efficient heaters for sale. Find and buy efficient heaters at Heaters365.com.

Most patio heaters are propane heaters, though some patio heaters also come as electric heaters and can be plugged in. All patio heaters are very efficient and will warm up a patio or veranda in minutes. Energy consumption of patio heaters is quite low and buying and operating patio heaters is affordable.

Some of the top brands of propane heaters in the heater market are Mr. Heater, Texsport and Coleman. The prices of propane heaters range from $75 to $150, though cheap propane heaters can be found on sale for as low as $30 and expensive, high quality propane heaters made by Mr. Heater can cost as much $200.

12 Volt Car & Truck Heaters Products On Sale

Electric Car Heater

Electric Car Heater
Description : Warren Distribution 12V Auto Heater Thr6000c Auto Heaters
Price : $34 USD

Oscillating Clip on Fan for your Car

Oscillating Clip on Fan for your Car
Description : This bottle and jar warmer plugs into any 12 volt outlet. Ideal for heating water for instant coffee, tea, hot soup mixes, and instant noodles. It's a good companion for vactioners or travellers.
Price : $25 USD

Ceramic Car Heater

Ceramic Car Heater
Description : Compact design fits easily on dashboards to defrost windshield, or on the floor to quickly provide heat to the passenger compartment. Swivel stand. Includes "hook and loop" mounting tape.
Price : $17 USD

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12 Volt Car & Truck Heaters, Portable Car Heaters

Don't freeze in your vehicle this winter! If you have a 12 volt car or truck heater, you can stay warm even if your vehicle breaks down. A 12 v car or truck portable heater is especially important in these cold winter months.

Heaters 365 is your #1 source location for 12 volt heaters, car heaters, truck heaters, electric heaters, room heaters, bedroom heaters, basement heaters, garage heaters, industrial heaters, outdoor heaters, water heaters, warehouse heaters, propane heaters, portable heaters, and much much more. We specialize in a wide selection of heaters not only for your home, but also for your commercial or industrial heating applications. These heating units, especially portable heaters, can be used in one location, or moved from location to location as you see fit. As always, if you are unable to find a certain type, brand, make, or style of heater, be sure to use our contact form to let us know about it.

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